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Diablo Valley College Professional Public Health Recommendations Discussion

Write a short essay in the form of a letter to our Chancellor Bryan Reece in which you take a position on whether our community college district should introduce a vaccine mandate for students and staff.

Required structure

Use this outline to structure your paper:

  1. Introduction – introduce the question you’ll be evaluating, why it matters, and end with a thesis that states your position on the matter.
  2. Side A – What does one side say about this issue? Why do they believe what they do? What arguments are typically made on this side?
  3. Side B – What does another, opposing side say about this issue? Why do they believe what they do? What arguments are typically made on this side?
  4. Your side – What do you believe? Why? Does it align with one side or the other, or is it in the middle? How would you respond to the naysayers that would disagree with you?
  5. Conclusion – Wrap up the paper by telling Chancellor Reece what you think he should do about this topic, why this issue is so important, and/or how you think it might evolve in the future.

Use of evidence

You must use quotations and/or summaries of evidence from at least TWO of the articles we read in Unit 1. If you would like to use additional outside sources, you may, as long as you use the minimum of two sources from class. In sections 2 and 3, where you represent others’ points of view, you’ll use evidence to show what arguments people make to support their arguments. In part 4, you’ll use the most convincing evidence to support your own ideas.

Length requirement

Your paper should be a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1200 words.

Source 1 :…

Source 2 :…


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