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Digging in Deeper and Processing the Reading Materials Discussion

Topic: Digging in deeper and processing the reading materials

You should have read and annotated the “Introduction to Semiotics” section already. This is a super important step toward adequately processing the reading materials. Remember, the more thinking you do about new information (cognition), the more you begin to own that information. It literally creates new neural pathways in your brain, connecting to and strengthening all the stuff that’s already in there!

An additional step toward processing that information will allow us to think even deeper, make connections, and retain it. Because we can’t do this in a class discussion, we are going to use an online tool. This will allow you to weigh in on some of the ideas presented in the introduction and check in with where your opinions meet and depart from the opinions of your colleagues in this class.

Group Annotations on Perusall (Click on link at the bottom)

For this assignment, I am asking you to review your annotations for this reading assignment, then contribute five thoughtful responses to information in this text. Specifically, I want you to do the following:

Write at least five developed comments, each of which should be at least one paragraph in length

It’s ok to include questions within these comments

Connect what you read in this section to the YouTube movie “Why Villains Change (Links to an external site.)” (for example, the text discusses association and differentiation; what do these terms mean to the authors? where in the analytical movie does the speaker use these moves?)

Connect what you read to the current cultural climate.

Respond to at least one of your classmates’ comments (use this format to respond directly to classmates or myself: @[type name here])

Include a multimedia component (image, video, gif, audio file, etc.) in at least one of your total of five responses

Hashtag one of your posts with an organizing term (ex: #gendernorms)


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