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Digital Communication Summary

Select a company with a large social media following. Examples include but are not limited to the following companies:

Businesses3MMcDonald’sAirbnbMicrosoftAppleNikeBarkBoxNordstromChanelOld SpiceCharminOreoChipotlePatagoniaCoca ColaStarbucksDHLSubwayDoveTeslaFedExUberFordUPSGlossierVerizonGoProWarby ParkerIBMWayfairLegoWendy’sLyftZappos

Evaluate at least 10 of your selected company’s social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. Summarize your findings including a brief description of how and where the company promotes its product. Then provide an evaluation of the company’s communication style based on the posts. Consider the following questions when developing your evaluation:

  • Does the company do a good job of engaging your attention and building your interest in its products?
  • Does the company use social media influencers?
  • Does the company promote use-generated content?
  • Does the company use community engagement? 
  • Are the headlines concise, specific, and informative?
  • Does the company moderate user response posts?


For this assignment, students will develop a visual to communicate a business message of their choice. Students will select one visual creation resource from the list below to produce the visual. Follow the steps below to complete this creative assignment.

  1. Select a data set, concept, idea, or piece of information to present in a visual. Pay special attention to Table 9.1 and Table 9.2 in the textbook. Students may select any business or career-related topic to communicate. Use fact-based information. Examples include:
    1. A flow chart presenting a business concept
    2. A graph presenting the revenue of five companies
    3. An infographic displaying your employable skills
    4. A 1 Year Plan Illustration
  2. Select a visual creation resource provided below to create the visual.
    1. Canva (Links to an external site.)
    2. Visme (Links to an external site.)
    3. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
    4. Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
  3. Download or take a screenshot of the visual. Place the visual in a Word document for submission. Important Note: All visuals must include your name and the date created directly on the visual for verification of authenticity. Visuals submitted without the student’s name and the creation date within the visual will not be accepted for a grade.

Click here downloadto download visual examples.


  • Post your answer to the following topics by Thursday. Respond to two or more fellow classmates (2 posts) by Sunday. When crafting your posts, be considerate, resourceful, and pay special attention to the advancement of the discussion.

Locate a website, video, article, podcast, or presentation offering writing advice on creating effective visuals and/or presentations for digital communication. Videos can be humorous as long as they are appropriate for all audiences. Summarize and provide an evaluation of what you learned from the resource. Include the website, video, article, podcast, or presentation in your discussion Do not post a website, video, article, podcast, or presentation that has already been provided and evaluated. Check the forum before posting your resource. Credit will not be given for repeat resources. 


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