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Digital Storytelling Project Script

Digital Storytelling Project~~~~~Why is there heightened emotional anxiety related to self-image and social media?


Learning Objective:

The objective of this project is to tell a story related to an issue, problem, or question in the mass media (it should be personal to you). This assignment will help you understand how mass media shapes our cultural views and impacts our daily lives. It will also provide an opportunity for you to experiment with digital storytelling.


1 to 3 minutes long

Succinct: no more than 15 still images or video shots, 200-300 words (audio).

Well-written and well crafted (more like poetry than prose).

In the first-person (meaning you can speak personally, using “I”) and non-fiction (address a real world issue or topic).


There will be five steps to complete throughout the semester, each with its own due date. They are listed below:

  • Choose your topic for your Digital Storytelling Project a
  • Further, refine your story concept and plan to tell your story. This involves choosing the media you plan to use

Production Resources:

check out the five sites listed below where you can access visuals and sounds for your project (or you can shoot your own photos or video or create your own sound effects or lift your own music tracks).

(1) Creative Commons Search ( )

Learn more about the Creative Commons licensing system and search multiple sites (a “meta search”) for content that is freely reusable in education, and sometimes commercial, uses.

(2) FindSounds (

A general-purpose search engine to find audio of any nature on the internet.

(3) The Internet Archive (

A very large collection of video and audio in the public domain or licensed in various ways which allow for reuse and remixing.

(4) Free play (

Broadcast and free Mp3 music downloads.

(5) Soundsnap sound effects (

Sound effects and loops from the best Hollywood sound designers and cutting-edge music producers.

It is important to note that for professional projects, you cannot lift copyrighted images (like photos of Kim Kardashian or music by Kayne West) for your own commercial purposes. Commercial purposes means projects that you will benefit from financially. While there are exceptions to this rule – and generally student projects that are not shared outside of class are not under close scrutiny for copyright infringement – it is important for you to learn the difference between “free” or “royalty free” content that you can use for free (or close to free) and content that you must license (gain permission and often pay for) from the owner of that music track or image.

Please see the attached word doc and provide me with the script for the story for the topic Why is there heightened emotional anxiety related to self-image and social media?….I will place another order for the final video of the storytelling project. Thank you


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