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Discussion 1 :

Let’s pretend you have been invited to talk to one of the following groups on healthy relationships, parenting, or domestic violence :

a. high school or college students

b. families at a human services agency

c. victims of abuse

Review the documents on equality, power and control tactics and “Coalition Against Domestic Violence” files that contain information that is given to help and educate individuals, children, and families in New Mexico (just an example) on domestic violence.

Decide on

1. the audience

2. topic you want to speak on


1. prepare a one page handout/flyer for your presentation/talk.

2. research and include statistics, information on the topic and the resources available for California residents who may be facing the issue you have selected to present on.

3. turn in your hand-out as a pdf. attachment.

discussion 2 :


Discuss all of the following

i. two theories that explain family violence.

ii. factors that can increase the probability of child maltreatment

iii. how parents can unintentionally promote sibling violence