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1.Contrast the Schengen Agreement with contemporary immigration regulations in the United States. How are these different? How are they similar? How can you reconcile the establishment of ‘hard’ borders with globalization and the idea of free markets? (200 words)

2.Describe an instance when you were frustrated by something you were trying to read because the writing simply wasn’t clear to you. What effect did this have on your understanding of the material and your attitude toward the individual or organization that produced it? (100 words)

3.A number of authors reach out to their reader bases by offering to participate in book group discussions via Skype. If you wanted to get the word out that a new author was available to talk with book groups via Skype, which distribution method would you choose? (100 words)

4.Are you surprised to read that different scientists, studying the same data, could come up with different results based on their own biases? Describe one personal bias that a scientist may bring to the analysis of an environmental issue.(150 words)

5.comment on your feelings about the topic about fire in protected ecosystems. do you think the advantages of forest fire outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa and why? (150 words)