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i) How do you feel when someone delivers bad news to you in a way that is disrespectful, confusing, vague, timid, or deceitful? How does this compare to getting bad news from someone who treats you with respect and communicates in a clear, straightforward way? (100 words)

ii) Have you ever had difficulty accepting an apology from an individual or organization? If so, why? Did you question whether the other party was truly sorry or perhaps was apologizing only to deflect attention from a mistake? What can you learn from this that you can apply to your communication efforts when you need to make an apology on the job? (100 words)

b) (400 words)

For your essay post, choose one of the religions being studied in this Unit (Islam). Write a comprehensive essay in which you answer the following questions:

Explain Professor Prothero’s explanation of the problem confronting humanity according to your chosen religion.

According to Professor Prothero, what solutions does your religion suggest for human beings so that they can overcome the problem? Note that solutions are prescribed BELIEFS (theology) and ACTIONS (ethics). These are what people must do and believe in order to overcome the problems.

What actions must human beings take in order to overcome the problem? What actions must they avoid?

What must human beings believe in order to overcome the problem?

According to Professor Prothero and the ebook chapter for your chosen religion, what resources does the religion offer to human beings to help them overcome the central problem confronting humanity?

mla format, three references