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a) Main discussion with 300 word length

b) Response for the discussion with 200 word length(First response with 200 words length and second response with 200 word length)

c) No plagarism

d) Three references

e) typewritten in Times New Roman size 12 font

f) double-spaced


Discussion for 200words and 2replies for the discussion 150words each

This is where you will post your biography on the first day of class. Take this opportunity to tell your classmates about yourself; your career goals, your likes, dislikes, your reason for taking the course, your favorite things, etc.


Discussion for 200words and 2replies for the discussion 150words each.

Thinking as a strategist for an extremist organization, which symbolic targets in the United States would you consider a priority to attack. Explain your answer and make sure you use sources to support your answer


Summary for 2pages.APA format

  • Define Homeland Security
  • Explain the unique qualities of what Homeland Security offers
  • Gain knowledge of historical perspectives on homeland security
  • Define and explain the all-hazards umbrella
  • Be able to identify non-terrorist emergency situations
  • Be able to tell the difference between natural and man-made disasters