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11 States of Consciousness and 12 Consciousness

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This discussion is about your sleep – or lack of it!! How much do you sleep each night?

Without getting to preachy – the most important thing that you do it is

1) Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night

2) Eat real food (non processed food)

3) Live an active lifestyle.

SO lets test you!!

2) Take this survey and post you r (Links to an external site.) findings (the

is about 3/4 of the way down on the page)

3) As you think about a nights

think about this video (Links to an external site.) – how many of you wake up after 4 hours of sleep and then can’t go back to sleep??

3.5) Now Lets Connect!!TEDxRiverCity – Robert Stickgold – Sleep, Memory and Dreams: Fitting the Pieces Together (Links to an external site.)TEDxRiverCity - Robert Stickgold - Sleep, Memory and Dreams: Fitting the Pieces Together

_________ Now think about what consciousness really is used for..

Please use the following Vocabulary words to explain what they are talking about in the following videos..


4) Anil Seth – and Do we see actual reality?? (Links to an external site.)

5) (Links to an external site.) Hoffman’s View on the same (have some coffee he is boring – but content is amazing! (Links to an external site.)

6) Is there a reality? Or is it a Construct of our Mind? (no right or wrong answer on this BTW).

7) Go to the Memory Chapter – what about Clive?

8) Ask question