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DN 733 American Nursing Association Presentation

You this paper to make a powerpoint of 10 slides, presentation is not more than 5 minute, please make use you cover all the question asked in the powerpoint. I will be also adding video to each slides too, you can make space for me. Please include all the reference too. Directions:

  1. Create a video of yourself discussing a state, national or global organization’s mission, values, structure, and the policies they develop using the four elements listed below. Cite six scholarly sources at the end of the discussion to show how you have developed and supported ideas and opinions. The Video should be no longer than five minutes.
    1. Analysis of how the organization and an administrative role has an impact on the healthcare environment for policy development.
    2. Evaluate leadership models or frameworks that support change or healthcare policy implementation.
    3. Assess how this organization and an administrative role can influence care at the state, national and global level.
    4. Remember, your response must analyze each situation from your perspective and contain supporting rationales for your ideas.
  1. To prepare for the assignment, identify a role in an organization that has impact on regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services at the state or national and global levels. For example, you might select an administrator at the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Nurses Association (ANA) or from your state board of nursing. Imagine what you want to understand about the role and impact by examining these questions:
    1. How does the organization influence the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services?
    2. What is nursing’s role in developing policies that regulate nursing practice in the organization?
    3. How is the organization influenced by the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services?
    4. How does the organization support policy development?
    5. What is an important policy the organization has developed?
    6. What leadership characteristics are essential to advance the work of policy development in the organization?


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