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Dominican College Behavior Modification & Barriers to Change Discussion

Behavior Modification Project Part 4 – Final Report

At the end of the four-week journal period, write a final report consisting of a 3-4 page (750-1,000 words) discussion of the following questions. This report must be submitted in Microsoft Word doc or docx format and will be graded for detailed discussion of the required questions below as well as writing quality, grammar, and spelling.

1. The new behavior: Describe, specifically, how your behavior has changed from the beginning of this project.

2. New conditioned stimuli: In the beginning you were asked to identify objects or events you would associate with the new behavior to help it become established. Discuss how effective these stimuli become associated with the new behavior? Did any of these cues backfire on you? If so, why do you think they did not work? Did you adopt any other stimulus cues along the way to help make the behavioral change?

3. The reinforcements for the new behavior: How effective were the reinforcements and the reinforcement schedule that you chose? Did the type or schedule of reinforcement that you chose hinder your progress in any way? If so, how, and why do you think that was? Did other types of reinforcements occur to you that you might consider using in the future?

4. Behavioral changes: Since making this change in your behavior, have you noticed other behaviors that have changed as well? Why do you think these additional changes occurred? Of these additional changes (if any) were you expecting these to occur? If so, why? Did any additional changes occur that you did not anticipate?

5. Road Blocks: Did the obstacles you predicted occur? Did anything come up that you did not expect? How did you handle each of these issues?

6. Results: To what degree was the change successful? Again, refer back to Parts 1 and 2 to review your reasons for the change and the goals you had. Plausible explanations for success or failure should be highlighted. If your plan failed, propose an alternative plan that might be more successful in the future. If your plan succeeded, discuss a brief plan to help you maintain the change.

7. Personal Summary: Briefly discuss your reaction to this project. For example, were you surprised by the results that you found? Did anything along the way surprise you? Did you find this project useful? Why or why not?


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