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Dominican Republic Central America United States Free Trade Agreement Essay

For the final paper, I would like you to use the theoretical framework we learn in Part I of the course to Analyze a Trade Agreement of your choice. This analysis should include the relevant historical and political context and what the theory tells us the outcome of a trade agreement should have been and how the actual experience stacked up against this. In the first Homework Assignment I asked you to identify the treaty you would like to analyze. In the second Homework Assignment I asked you to identify key provisions of the treaties, and in the third Homework Assignment I asked you to identify the key sectors affected and how the treaty is likely to affect prices in these sectors. Therefore, if you have completed your homework assignments so far you have already written about a 1000–1250 words of your paper! If you are working alone, I expect the paper to be about 3000–4000 words, and if you are working in a team, I expect the paper to be about 4000-5000 words. This does not mean you necessarilyhave to write a minimum of 3000 or 4000 words. These word “limits” are my assessment of how many words you would need to properly analyze a treaty. If you can do the job effectively in fewer words, that is fine. I will be grading on the content of your analysis far more than the length of your paper. If your analysis falls short and you have not utilized your minimum word limit, I would have to give you a lower grade than you would receive otherwise. If you are working in teams, this means that you have economies of scale in doing the paper together. Therefore, I will be more stringent with my grading as I will be grading a group project while others are working alone.


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