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Drexel University Adoption of The Mediterranean Diet Discussion Questions

A- For my final poster presentation, I decided to focus on mental health disorders and promoting the adoption of the Mediterranean diet to help support mood stabilization. I am a big propionate that our dietary lifestyles effect our overall health. For this final project, I incorporated the use of two free apps (shout out to apps being what I believe a way of the future health) to help participants in tracking both their dietary habits (using the My Mediterranean Diet Tracker) and their daily moods (using the Daylio Journal). I had started doing the project prior to the template provided so I had started learning how to create my own poster presentation which is why it looks the way it does. This was my first attempt at ever doing a final poster presentation so by no means is it perfect but glad I got to play around with making my own. Some questions for post-viewing:

1. Do you think using the two apps is beneficial or hindering the success of this program? If so, what would you recommend as an alternative?

2. Do you think implementing programs like this in dietary modifications is ultimately helpful in combating mental health?

3. What are some other ways to recruit participants who would have the certain level of readiness to participate in this program? (Nowakowski’s poster)

b- I hope everyone is well. For my final project I will be discussing childhood obesity in Philadelphia. It has been found that almost 22% of the children in Philadelphia is obese. Childhood obesity has been linked to multiple co-morbidities that can effect the children throughout their whole life. Within my final poster, I discussed multiple strategies that can aid in weight loss and help in the children maintain a healthy weight.


1)Do you have any suggestions regarding recruiting health care professions to help build this program?

2)Are there any suggestions regarding possibly scaling down this program? Which population should be targeted first?

Chou Taing (Obesity’s poster)


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