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DSRT 734 Blood Pressure Questions

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PLease answer this assignment on Inferential stats in Decision Making

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1. The following table displays blood pressure status by sex.


Normal Hypertension
73 55 150

132 65 240
205 120 390



  1. What proportion of
  2. What proportion of
  3. What proportion of

the participants has optimal blood pressure?

men has optimal blood pressure?

participants with hypertension is male?

d. Are hypertensive status and male gender independent?

2. Diastolic blood pressures are assumed to follow a normal distribution with a mean of 85 and
a standard deviation of 12.

  1. What proportion of people has diastolic blood pressures less than 90?
  2. What proportion has diastolic blood pressures between 80 and 90?
  3. If someone has a diastolic blood pressure of 100, what percentile does this represent?
  1. Consider the data described in Problem 2. If a sample of 15 participants are sampled, what is
    the probability that their mean diastolic blood pressure exceeds 90?
  2. A large national study finds that 10% of pregnant women deliver prematurely. A local
    obstetrician is seeing 16 pregnant women in his next clinic session.

a. What is the probability that none will deliver prematurely?

  1. What is the probability that fewer than 3 will deliver prematurely?
  2. What is the probability that none will deliver prematurely if, in fact, the true percentage
    who deliver prematurely is 5.5%?
  3. If the true percentage is 10% and this obstetrician has 146 pregnant women under his
    care, how many would be expected to deliver prematurely?


5. Diastolic blood pressures are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a
standard deviation of 10.

  1. What is the 90th percentile of diastolic blood pressure?
  2. If we consider samples of 20 patients, what is the 90th percentile of the mean diastolic
    blood pressure?


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