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DSU The Cause of Crimes and Uproars Across the Nation Essay

Students will construct a journal on a specific topic related to the field of diversity. Three journal reports will be due at the beginning of the semester, middle, and end. Students will provide at least five scientific-based articles and report on their chosen topic and critically analyze what is being discussed. Part of your reaction will include questions and concerns that you have about the issues and possible next steps and social work interventions.

The primary objectives of this assignment are 1) to give the opportunity to develop a more detailed understanding of a specific social diversity and social justice issue in the United States; 2) to enable you to follow the specific issue over time and assess the interaction of the issues with other forms of oppression including racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism and classism; 3) to allow you to suggest possible action steps and social work interventions to address the specific social diversity and/or social justice issue.

Each student will construct a journal on a specific topic related to racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and classism. Possible current topics include: (1) racial profiling, (2) gay marriage, (3) bullying of gay/lesbian youth in high schools, (4) bilingualism in public schools, and (5) biracial adoption. It is suggested that students email their specific topic of journal to the professor.

Students should include a copy of the scientific-based peer reviewed article or a summary of the report as part of the entry in the journal. Begin the journal with a statement indicating what topic you selected and an explanation of why you chose the topic. Critically analyze what is being discussed in the article or in the other sources. You will need to make linkages to your class reading and discussions. Part of your entry can include your reaction to what is happening and your assessment of the current state of affairs.


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