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Duke University Healthcare of Undocumented Immigrants in United States Discussion

  1. Only writing the following two bolded points. maximum of one page.
  2. The paper is about providing healthcare to undocumented immigrants.
  3. Organizational/policy direction: Describe what you would like to accomplish.
  4. Scope the big picture: Explain what the current status of the problem is including a brief history of the problem, its key stakeholders and special interest groups, and its friends and foes.

The following is not part of what I need. I just included it so you would have an idea of what the project is about.

  1. List of goals, objectives, and proposed major and minor initiatives: Outline the policy you are seeking to change and describe the issue are you proposing, supporting, or opposing. Also, explain what the underlying concern is and why it is fundamental to the issue.
  2. Identify how you will make a policy change: Identity any current pending bill and where it stands in the legislative process. For example, has the bill been heard in committee? If there is no bill, how might you proceed with your policy change? Is legislation needed? How would you identify an elected official to carry out your proposed legislation? Create a list of action steps and for each task, prepare a to-do list that is ranked in sequential order. Or, can this issue be addressed using the regulatory process instead? Are there other means available to address issues, such as private sector influence?
  3. Prioritize: Some steps are more important than others and you should prioritize steps based on deadline, task, and the number of steps remaining.
  4. Explain how and to whom you will communicate the plan: This is related to the development and distribution plan for message materials. You should set a proposed timeline with deadlines for all activities.
  5. Describe how will you track results: You should evaluate performance of your policy change and implement continuous monitoring procedures to ensure the success of the project.
  6. Identify your strategic leadership role: You should identify your role and your approach to development and implementation of your action plan.
  7. Please consider using the following article as well.


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