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DVU History of Tattoos Becoming a Registered Nurse & Ghost Stories Thesis Outlines

Description: This is a 2 part assignment. The 1st part is the discussion post. The 2nd part is responding to 3 classmates posts. After the initial discussion post is completed I will then add 3 of the classmates posts so that you can write 1 short response to each post.

Materials: I am attaching the videos along with screenshot material of types of non verbal communication. It is not allowing me to upload all the screenshots for some reason so I will share the rest in the comments.

Assignment: Review the concepts in module 5 and be sure to review the Learning Objects before answering the discussion question.

Discussion 4:

Speeches are presented in all forums from special events to the job. Any time we are expected to give a presentation, we should always prepare. That preparation starts with the plan of the speech. Then you move to the creation and practice.

The specific purpose is the “particular action you want your audience to take”. The “action” is dictated by the type of speech. Therefore, for an informative speech the action will be “what you want your audience to know, understand or do if they want”. For a persuasive speech the action will be “to change attitudes, values, beliefs or behaviors”.

You will create the thesis statement from the specific purpose (BT Dubs…this is the trick for any one who has difficulty creating a thesis. The thesis is the main idea, right? Therefore, the thesis is the purpose, right? So, create the purpose statement first, change the verbiage, and that will help to create the thesis).

Your discussion…

Give a sample specific purpose statement and thesis to these three informative topics:

  1. History of tattoos
  2. How to become a registered nurse
  3. Ghost stories of St. Augustine, FL

*Note: this is a speech, not a paper. A thesis statement in a speech is one sentence.


Topic: How to make chocolate chip cookies

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to make an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe so they may make it for their family and friends.

Thesis: Chocolate chip cookies is an easy recipe anyone can make for their family and friends.

After you submit your initial post, reply to three or more of your classmates’ postings.


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