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East Carolina University Diversity and Stereotyping Discussion Responses

Diversity is such a huge topic and many people don’t even consider all the aspects of how diverse each of us really are. Diversity includes race, gender, and many other categories. You worked with a diversity of strengths in you teams this semester. This week, we explore the aspects of diversity by focusing our conversation around generational diversity. We are a society that has 4 or maybe even 5 generations in the workplace simultaneously. Once you watch the short videos and read the article in Canvas on How to Manage a Multi-Generational Team (Harvard Business Review), think about how you have seen or interacted generationally and include these thoughts in your discussion.

Discussion: Think about an encounter with a coworker or other volunteer from a different generation than you. Were there misunderstandings, different expectations, conflicts or harmony? Describe the encounter. Please indicate whether this was discussed or referenced in the video or article. What needed to happen to enhance the relationships? If you are interested in this topic, there are lots of articles. Look around! Link new articles and talk about them in the discussion. I want you to be thinking about the workplace and what is happening in regards to generations at work.

Minimum of 3 posts, one on a new idea or an experience you bring to your team (40 points) and two well-developed responses/comments to posts from your team members (30 points each response).

Here is Simon Sinek with a short (a little over a minute) video on approaching diversity. Consider this as you gather your thoughts:

Posts you’re responding to (Respond separately to these two posts)

#1- Working in my first job there were many times where I encountered working with different generations. At first me and the older coworkers and I had mis understandings and it took time to get acclimated with them because we had different passions and hobbies. In the video they talk about when you stop trying to learn and stop being curious it limits and stops innovation. This relates to working with older people because they always completed tasks a certain way, when I started I used their ways and found ways where I could improve how a task is being completed to make it more efficient. I would often make suggestions that would be helpful and beneficial for the store and they would implement it. I think it is good to work with other generations because both generations can learn something.

#2- One of the encounters I had was with an older co-worker at a restaurant I used to work at. I noticed very quickly that the way the restaurant was operating wasn’t as efficient as it should be. The older co-worker was not open to change and thought there were no issues in the restaurant. During our shift at a certain point, we would stop seating customers upstairs so whenever work got slow I would start to clean the upstairs to get ready for close. The older gentleman was very against me doing that for some reason and I tried to explain that I only started cleaning when there were a few customers left and that the other newer food runners were capable of continuing their duties. If we waited for the last customer to leave and then started cleaning, I wouldn’t get off work until around midnight or even later. This was a continuous battle with him and at the end of the day, we decided to clean the upstairs early because it saved the restaurant time and money.


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