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East Los Angeles College Birdbox Discussion Responses

Hello professor,

You make a very great point about high in demand foods, as well as pop tarts being easy to store, and a major plus being that it is a comfort food. When you mentioned it it reminded me of the movie “Birdbox” when the characters found pop tarts after a few years into the disaster and they remembered what it felt like to have a strawberry pop tart and a “comfort food moment.”

However, not to mention, I found some helpful tips on FEMA about the guidelines on food when dealing with a disaster. It is recommended that boxed powdered milk, dried fruit, crackers and potatoes be used within 6 months, (FEMA, 2021). Other foods such as canned foods, peanut butter, jelly, heard candy and canned nuts, vitamins be used within one year or by the expiration date on the label, (FEMA, 2021). Also, wheat, vegetable oils, dried corn, baking powder, soybeans, instant coffee salt, soft drinks white rice, bouillon products, dry pasta, and powdered milk be stored indefinitely in its proper containers, (FEMA, 2021).

On the contrary, when talking about non perishable food items, as well as the pop tarts, it is believed that they were very popular as they are ready to eat, they really do not require heating, it can be used at any meal and they last forever, (Carter, 2017). Not to mention, Walmart sent the community extra truckloads of pastries and beers they saw customers were favoring those items, (Carter, 2017). In my opinion, I believe other ready to eat foods, comfort foods would be popular following a hurricane disaster, such as cookies, chips, crackers, granola bars, chocolate perhaps, and also drinks such as soda, gatorade, or juice for kids.

References:  Carter, M. (2017, August 25). Why Walmart Always Stocks Up On Strawberry Pop-Tarts Before a Hurricane. Country Living.… (Links to an external site.) (2021, July 28). FEMA.

post 2

Hello class, In my emergency bag I have included a blanket, warm clothes, underwear, fire extinguisher, flashlight, knife, cash, lighter, eating utensils, passport, mug, some medication first aid kit, and some snakes. I wish that I could have packed a suitcase so I could have fit more items in it such as more canned food, extra water, a tent however this is a go-bag and cannot be very heavy to carry around. However, I think these materials are enough that could hold me over for few days. However, we do have a freshwater reservoir next to our house so finding fresh water will not be very challenging. 

Where I live is on top of a hill and the biggest threat to us as a natural disaster would be earth quick. 

Likely I don’t have any pets, and after taking this class the rest of my family have their own go bag as well and each of us picked what we would need if we have to leave the house in a rush. 

In our backyard, we have about 100 fruit trees and after the emergency has passed we can come back to our house and with the fresh fruits that we have, we can help the neigboors and feed many people. 

Looking at the red cross guide as to what to have in the go bag I can say that I have covered most of the items, but the items that I need to add to my kit is Whistle, N95, Rain gear, Work gloves, Duct tape, bleach ( red cross, 2020) 


Survival Kit Supplies. (2020). Redcross. (Links to an external site.)


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