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East Texas Baptist University Criminal Justice Questions

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Ch 1-2

1.   What is informal discretionary decision making?  In what ways does informal discretionary decision making affect the criminal justice process?

2.   What behavior deserves criminal punishment?  Explain the purposes of criminal punishment (deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation)?

Ch 3-4

 3. Define, compare and contrast constructive, actual, mere and knowing possession. Provide an example for each term.

 4.  What are strict liability crimes?  Provide an example.  What are some of the argument for and against strict liability crimes? Do you think there should or should not be strict liability crimes? Explain your answer.

 5.  What is the difference between general and specific intent. Provide example of each.

 6. What are the four different mental states included in the Model Penal Code (MPC)?  How the mental states differ regarding culpability?   

Ch 5-6

7.  List and explain the four elements of self-defense.  What is the exception to

the elements.

8.  Explain the difference between a “perfect defense” and “imperfect defense”. Provide examples of each.

Ch 7

9. Compare and contrast accomplices and accessories.  Why are accessories punished less severely than accomplices?   Do you agree with this practice?  Why or why not?

Ch 8

10. What is the purpose of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act?  What types of crime does RICO  generally address?  Please provide examples.

Ch 9

11. Define, compare and contrast voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.

Ch 10

12. Discuss how immaturity replaces force in the case of statutory rape and what it means to say that statutory rape is a strict liability crime.

Ch 11

13. Discuss, compare, and contrast larceny embezzlement and false pretenses.   

Ch 12

14. What are victimless crimes and why are they controversial?  Please provide example.

15. Discuss the issues surrounding panhandling legislation.  Discuss the tension between order and liberty in creating laws regarding laws regarding behavior such as panhandling.

Ch 13

16. Define, compare and contrast sabotage and espionage.


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