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East West University Ready Player One Book Ch 31 to 39 Questions

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1.What is “dichotomy wear”? What do you think of this fashion invention?
2.What are the gun-purchasing rules in Cline’s world? What do think of those rules?
3.What were Wade’s feelings when he met Aech face to face? Why did he feel that way? How would you feel?
4.Why did Helen create a white male avatar? What do you think about that? Is Cline sending a message here?
5.Why did Helen leave her mother’s house? What does it tell us about human prejudices?
6.When we first discover (in the middle of the book) that the Sixers use teams to solve Halliday’s puzzles and operate their avatars, Daito says “The Sixers have no honor”. In the end, the High Five are also operating as a team, pulling their resources, but Cline does not imply that they lost their honor. Do you see a contradiction? Or is there a difference between the Sixers team and the High Five team and other gunter clans? If yes, what is the difference?
7.Artemis used paper to keep her research journal. How did it benefit her in the end? Is Cline sending a message here?
8.Did Wade’s opinion on being a solo gunter change by the end of his adventure? What makes you think so? Why did/didn’t it change?
9.After Wade became all-powerful, what was his first wish? What does it tell you about Wade?
10. Did the opinion of Aech and Artemis change about being solo? What makes you think so? Why did/didn’t it change?
11.What kind of responsibility did Wade acquire when he found the egg? Do you think he is ready for it?
12.What does Artemis look like in real life? (look up “Rubenesque”, see “rubenesque” on google images). Does it fit a stereotype of a female lead and the hero’s love interest? Why or why not? Why do you think Cline made Artemis look like that?
13. How did Wade’s attitude to real life change in the end of the book? Why? What do you think about it?
14. What did you enjoy the most in this part of the book? Why?
15. Overall, what did you think about the book?

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