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East West University The Case of The Deadly Butter Chicken Book Questions

Part 1 (Book link is attached in question 1) please answer carefully and make sure it covers your all questions.

4.Part 1: Using examples from Ready Player One, define “avatar” in one-two paragraph. Part 2: Create three avatars: a social avatar, an academic avatar, and a professional avatar. You will be presenting these avatars to the class. In your presentation, you must do the following: 1. Describe your avatar (name, background, appearance, likes and interests, etc.). 2. What skills/abilities does your avatar have that will help it succeed in its environment? 3. In what ways is your avatar different than you? In what ways is it similar? 4. In what kinds of environments would your avatar not be appropriate? Part 3: Reflect on the avatars you created. Identify avatars that you have already created and use in your life. Why did you create these avatars? Are there situations in which you benefit from having an avatar?

Part 2 (Book is in attachment)

answer all questions

questions for ch.23-26

1. what code was used to send instructions to corrupt players?
2. Who broke the code?
3. Which book is the key to the code?
4. How much does Puri weigh and what is his reaction to the number?
5. As Puri was watching his nephew’s hair being cut, what idea did he have about the mustache theft?
6. What did Mrs. Puri do in the archives? Why?
7. Describe how Mummy and Puri are working as a team. Pay attention to irony.
8. Whom did Mummy find in the beginning of ch.25?
9. What do we learn about Kiran Singh’s family? What happened to the women in the family and why?
10. Who is Flush?
11. Who is Gordon?
12. Why did Puri meet with Sandeep Talwar? (what information does Puri need that only Talwar can get for him?)
13. How did Puri’s team put surveyance on the players they suspected? Explain how they accessed the room of Vikas Patil and the room of Kamran Khan
14. In ch.26 we find out who is behind the illegal betting scheme. Who is it? How do we find out?


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