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Assignment 3 – Problem Solving Concepts (PO1, CO2, SK.2, SK.3, BI.2, IS.1, IS.2, DL.2, DL.4)

Considering the five problem-solving skills – analogy, visualization, ordering, simplification, and framing – which problem-solving skill have you (or would you) use to solve a problem? Include the following:

  • How do you see
  • How do you define
  • How do you solve
  • How do you act on the problem

How have different aspects contributed to your ability to identify, define, and solve the problem in a critical fashion for innovation? For different aspects, think about technology, nature, brain rules, mind mapping, prioritization, and clarity of thinking and focus. Include a graphical depiction of your problem-solving skill.

Review attached assignment rubric

Minimum 2 pages

Graphical depiction

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA formatted