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EC Moral Development Requires Exposure to Group Norms and Rules Essay

Part 1

We are now at the end of a rewarding term on your graduate journey. Congratulations! Graduate school is rigorous, and you’ve taken a huge step forward in completing this course.

In your very first reflection, we asked you to consider whether ethics can be taught. In your final reflection, think about your growth over the term and share how your response to this question has evolved. 

In addition, please share a bit on one or more of the following questions:

  • What value did you find in this interdisciplinary leadership course?
  • How has taken this course changed your perspective on ethics and ethical leadership?
  • How about in your identity as a graduate student/scholar?
  • Are there any areas you wish were addressed in more detail, or any last questions I can help you with?

Part 2

For your first submission to Complex World at Excelsior College, you will submit a short editorial. We are increasingly seeing peer-reviewed journals invite experts to share insights in the form of these editorials. It is a mechanism to disseminate information to the professional community while the often-lengthy research is in progress around pressing issues, such as the recent pandemic, responses to violent natural and human-made events, and more.

The cover of the issue to which you will be submitting your editorial will give you a visual of the theme of the magazine.

Remember that editorials are typically opinion pieces; supporting your opinions with data adds to your credibility. So, be sure your opinions are supported by evidence. Assume that Complex World is a leading source of interdisciplinary information for leaders in all fields and careers.

Write a short editorial as a forward thinker to address the following: 

Disasters are indeed “all hands on deck” occurrences that are typically long-lasting. How would you advise other leaders in your discipline to prepare for future disaster situations? What other stakeholder groups and/or disciplines should be at the table? 

Be sure to explicitly state if certain groups have been historically left out of important decision-making.


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