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ECE 210 GCU University Engagement and Individualized Learning Design

Engagement is crucial for student learning. As an indicator of learning success, students must be motivated to learn and engage in the lessons provided. The teacher’s responsibility is to ensure each lesson is motivating and engages all students in the classroom environment. Once engaged, it is necessary to understand the individual needs of each learner and prepare developmentally appropriate instruction. Observing students and their learning preferences can support student engagement. In addition, creating instruction that meets the needs of all students encourages student participation and successful learning outcomes. Each component is critical for learning in the classroom environment.

For this assignment, you will be integrating engagement strategies, differentiation, and closure with the strategies you developed in Topic 3. Complete the “Instructional Design Topic 4: Engagement and Individualized Learning” section of the “Instructional Design Unit” template.

Include the following for each standard/objective:

  • An anticipatory set designed to engage diverse learners.
  • Opportunities for individualized learning, including modifications for varied visual, auditory, and sensory needs.
  • Differentiation strategies for students below grade level and above grade level.
  • Closure that helps bring the lesson together and allows students to articulate or demonstrate their learning.

In a 250-500 word summary, describe the importance of differentiating instruction for all levels. How does this increase engagement? How can you plan for differentiation of lesson and materials ahead of time? What information will you need to successfully differentiate for all students?

Support your response with 2-3 scholarly resources.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. ANSWER DIRECTLY ON THE TEMPLATE!

Read “Using Engagement Strategies to Facilitate Children’s Learning and Success,” by Jablon and Wilkinson, from Innovative Practice (2006).

Read “Integrating Principals of Universal Design Into the Early Childhood Curriculum,” by Dinnebeil, Boat, and Bae, located on the Early Childhood Education website (2013).

Read “Personalized vs. Differentiated vs. Individualized Learning,” by Bayse, located on the ISTE website (2016).

Read “Six Strategies for 21st Century Early Childhood Teachers” by Reinen, located on the Early Childhood Teacher website.



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