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ECON 138 Black Workers Stopped Making Progress on Pay Is it Racism Discussion

Please read all instructions both before you begin the assignment and after you complete it. In this writing assignment, you willcriticallyanalyze an NYT article from June2021 about the Black-White wage gap. Please explain your answers thoroughly and watch the first class’slecturebefore writing your essay!

Steps: 1.Read the NYTarticle, “Black Workers Stopped Making Progress on Pay. Is it Racism?” Summarize the article’s findings.How has the Black-White wage gap changed for employed Black men since 1940? Since 1980?

2.Describeone argumentin the article supporting the hypothesisthat the remaining Black-White wage gap (holding education, skills, and other observables constant) is due to discrimination. Describe a second argument in the article that argues that the remaining gap is not driven by discrimination. Which argument do you find most convincing, and why?

3.Reflect on our first lecture and in-class discussions. Connect one of these papers or videos to the material described in the article.1How does that resource, and this NYT article, add to your understanding of lowerlabor market outcomes for Black Americans?

4.Propose a policy solution that could reduce Black-White wage gaps. You cannot describe one of the solutions discussed in the article; come up with your own idea and be creative. The solution does not have to be politically/financially feasible, but you must use economic reasoning in justifying it as a good solution.

Format:I recommend writing at least 600 words, but I will not take off points on this assignment if you are below/above that word count.You need at leastone short paragraph per step.Write freely and then revise to express your ideas clearly and concisely.You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion. You do not need to restate the questions I asked.Focus on the economics; I am not going to judge the quality of your writing (so long as it is readable), but rather the quality of the economic thought behind them.You can write in the firstperson, using “I” statements.To make it easier for meto read, use Times New Roman 12-point font with double-spaced lines. You mustsubmit either a .doc or .pdf file.


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