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EDU 234 Pitt Community College Caregiver Child Interactions Discussion

  1. What kinds of interactions grow into the relationships that are so important in infant-toddler care and education? Explain.
  2. Define the word curriculum as it applies to infant and toddler curriculum.
  3. What are the roles of adults in infant toddler curriculum?  Explain. 


by Geneva StaffordNumber of replies: 2

1. The three-R interactions are crucial to infant-toddler care. The three R’s stand for respectful, responsive, and reciprocal relationships. These relationships are a standard guide of how children’s minds comprehend relationships and what they mean. Each R is represented in an interaction that is shown using the proper interaction methods to get the best and desired response from the child. The relationships that are built when the child is young helps them develop the relationships between those around them as they get older and begin to further understand more and more about the importance of interactions between adults and children.

2. The word curriculum basically means course of study. curriculum can be referred to as a river that flows on a specific course. This means that there is a set course of study and information that is being taught through guidance and observance. It is referring to the idea that learning and observing this information can get a child from one point to another by observing and doing what they are observing those around them doing.

3. The role of adults in infant-toddler curriculum is to teach through observation and proper guidance. This means that the adult is there to be a role model as well as an educator to help the children understand what is best for them and why it is important to learn through guidance as a young child.


by Elin ShearinNumber of replies: 2

The interactions that grow into relationships that are so important in infant-toddler care and education are caregiving routines. These routines involve the use of the Three R’s, which are respectful, responsive, and reciprocal. Respectful interactions require the adult to think about and consider their actions. They should make sure to tell the children what you are going to do before you do it. Responsive interactions mean that the adult is paying attention to the child and that when the child initiates an interaction, the adult replies to them. Reciprocal interactions are the back and forth between the adult and the child. With this type of interaction, each response is dependent on the one that came before it.

Curriculum is a plan for learning that is all-inclusive and centers connections and relationships with an infant or toddler. According to our textbook, this means that the child not only gives input but also is actually in charge of their own curriculum. Basically this means that they are in a partnership with their caregivers. Adults may act as the designers of the curriculum, but they do so with the help of the children. Curriculum also means course, so it is essentially a course study for infants and toddlers.

There are multiple roles that the adult plays in infant and toddler curriculum. Adults are environmental planners for children. They are also curriculum designers and facilitators of learning. Another role that they play are supporters of development and assessors of both. All of these roles require the adult to work alongside the infant or toddler in the development of their curriculum. 


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