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EDU 542 Strayer University Lithonia Campus Week 3 Emerging Technologies Project

Emerging Technologies Project


The Week 3 Assignment scenario explained that you will create a proposal on integrating two emerging technologies to support your learning goals and create an engaging environment for your students. The related assignments helped you build the proposal for this project, create a lesson plan for special needs students, and complete a SWOT analysis.

Now you will put all the pieces together in this final project.

  • Part 1: Project Proposal.
  • Part 2: Personal Reflection.The Emerging Technologies Project will consist of two parts.Part one is a presentation.
    • Present the final project you proposed with at least 15 main points in your presentation.
      • Expand the presentation you submitted for the Week 5 discussion or try a different presentation tool.
      • Include a title slide or screen and references section in addition to the content section.
    • Provide coherent, clear, organized, and substantive content that can be easily understood by the audience.
    • Provide audio narration of the presentation as if you were delivering the speech.
      • If you do not have access to a microphone, provide detailed speaker’s notes with your presentation.
    • Provide links to the two technology tools you chose to demonstrate the application of the tool into a lesson or training.
    • Provide a brief demonstration or explanation of how these tools will be used by your organization (for example, if you are using a form of social media, explain how your organization might use that technology to keep students or faculty informed about events, changes, closings).
      • Include one point outlining the technologies’ costs and what your organization would need to support them (additional servers, training for faculty, and so on).
    • Create an infographic or flowchart to summarize your presentation so members of your organization can get an overview of the new technologies being implemented.


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