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Edureka AWS Application Discovery Services Cloud Migration Plan Paper

Cloud Migration Plan

  1. Executive Summary (< 1 page)
  2. Scope (<1 page)
  • Overview (<1 page
  • Cloud Migration prerequisites
  1. Cloud Premigration Considerations (<1 page)
  2. Cloud Migration Planning Assessment Tools (1–2 pages)
  • Feature Comparison
  • Evaluation Summary
  1. AWS Application Discovery Services (1–2 pages)
  • Agent-Based Option
  • Agentless Option
  1. Evaluation of Discovered Application and Infrastructure Data (1–2 pages)
  2. Migration Recommendations (2–3 pages)
  3. Conclusion (<1 page)

Step 1: In this step, you will research premigration considerations, such as the analysis of the current workloads that are being served out of BallotOnline’s existing IT infrastructure, and how the cloud migration plan will align with business objectives and BallotOnline’s updated IT policies, which includes the cloud addendum you recently wrote. Take Note Your supervisor, Sophia, has recommended that you use your Cloud Adoption Policy Addendum from CCA 630: Cloud Infrastructure Planning, Design, and Configurations, as you are looking at migration considerations. There are some factors to consider in understanding the technical and business impacts of any proposed workload migration plan. These include premigration assessment, data migration, application migration, API integration or automation, and user migrations.

Discussion: Data Migration vs. Application Migration Strategies. After discussing potential data migration vs. application migration strategies in the discussion, you can move to the next step, where you will take a close look at potential tools to evaluate migrating workloads to the cloud. Take Action Follow these steps to access the discussion:

? What is data migration? ?

What types of data can and should be migrated?

? How can you migrate data from on-premise to AWS?

? What are the different tools that are available to migrate data to AWS?

? Why would you need to migrate applications instead of deploying a fresh stack in AWS? When would you need to migrate?

? What are some of the potential challenges in moving applications to AWS without moving the data?

? What are some of the potential challenges in moving the data to AWS without moving the applications?

? Is it possible to move the applications to AWS without moving the data to AWS? How?

Step 2: Review and Compare Cloud Premigration Assessment Tools In this step, you will learn about some of the leading tools available that can aid in the cloud premigration assessment and help you identify the technical requirements for each workload to be migrated to the cloud. Take Note Your supervisor, Sophia, has asked you to review the following cloud premigration planning and assessment tools, and create a table that will compare each tool and highlight their capabilities: ? AWS Application Discovery Service ? NetApp OnCommand Insight After reviewing and creating the feature comparison table for the above-listed tools, submit your comparison via the dropbox below using the Premigration Assessment Tool Comparison Template. Premigration Assessment Tool Comparison Template:

1. Overview

2. AWS Application Discovery Services Overview

3. NetApp OnCommand Insight Overview

4. Comparison

5. Usability of Each Too

l 6. Summary 


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