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El Camino College Religion and Art Discussion

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Religion plays a very significant role in defining how art can communicate various beliefs and customs. One challenge that affected people in the olden days, which is also shared by multiple faiths and cultures, is that the nature of the divine is intangible and cannot be seen (Osborne & Vout, 2016). Therefore, the only way that the people of faiths could connect with the divine was one problematic yet theologically productive way to embody holy sculptures, drawings, and paintings of the divine. When sacred text and sacred scriptures were absent, they resorted to sculptural and graphical representation, which could bring the faithful closer to their religious beliefs. Some of the sculptural and graphic representation was used to design temples and holy places of worship where a connection could be found, with Greek and Rome being the most theologically active places. Even though the Ancient history of Romans talks about the building of temples, the need to experience the presence of god was never confined to those particular places. They believed that their gods were everywhere; therefore, through art, they could make coins, gems, drinking vessels, various paintings and any other thing that could be made through at they could make the presence of their god. Sculptures were also made to represent those who had experienced the existence of god or those who had felt his power to bring people closer to feeling god’s power (Osborne & Vout, 2016). People designed the various sculptures and graphical representations to represent their own individual belief in god and how they perceived god.

           Greek art had a significant influence on Roman practice since most Roman arts was borrowed from Greek (Strickland & Boswell, 2007). Roman art was majorly in the form of Mosaics, realistic wall paintings, idealized civic sculpture, which was made based on the philosophies of Efficiency, organization, and practicality. Towards the period of the fall of the roman empire, there was a lot of painting and graphical representation of religious elements. At the same time, the Romantic Movement was characterized by the introduction of musical intellectual movement and artistic literacy. Religion became a topic of a considerable dispute during the romantic moment, with people having varied opinions concerning credibility and ascendancy (Cooper, 2016). But even with this, art played an essential role in the escalation of religion, with some of its most significant achievements being to bring the gods and the mortals into contact. Religion significantly influenced how art practices were taken since people resorted to making more sculptures in line with their religious beliefs. When the period of the musical era kicked in, religion also played one of the biggest roles in influencing the nature and the contents of the majority of the music played or produced during that period. Religion and art up to the present day are used to determine several important aspects between the fall of the Roman Empire and the period of the Romantic movement.

           For instance, through the relationship with religion, it is possible to tell the relationship between artifacts, sculptures and the various paintings and how they guided the interaction between the worshipers and the divine. This relationship also guided how the multiple images of god were related to the revelation of Christ, also known as an epiphany. Finally, it also shows how art could be used to rethink the relationship between religion and myth.


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