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Embry Riddle University Interpersonal Communication in Family Relationship Paper

The question posed for step one is:

What do you believe is at the heart of a family relationship? How does interpersonal communication play a role in this relationship?


– Step two: Make Two Substantive Responses to Two Substantive Posts by classmates.

The other 2 classmates will do step one as you will do it, so in step two you will response to their 2 original substantive responses to the same question posed.

Peer 1

Being adopted has given me the ability to have a different outlook on family than most people. I believe that unconditional love is the heart of a family relationship. I believe that the people that raised me are my mom and dad. They were always there when I needed them and showed me all the care and love. The people that gave me life are my mother and father they are also very important to me because they gave me life but they were not there to give me unconditional love. If someone were to ask me who my family is I would respond with the people that raised me. Because these are the people that showed me unconditional love and that were always there for me.

Interpersonal communication has a very big role in family relationships. It considered how you feel about the relationship with another person and how they feel. So if your communication with another individual is always caring and loving and you both feel that way, you are going to feel a stronger relationship with them. 

Peer 2

The heart of a family relationship is unconditional love, at the end of the day, no matter what they do, you still love them. I think unconditional love is the most important thing in a family because it’s the love that makes a family. I think love is what keeps a family together because regardless of anything that happens familial love is strong enough to withstand it. I think interpersonal communication is very important in a family because your family is the one that you can truly open up to with minimal judgment because you know that they’ll still love you irrespective of what you’ve done. Interpersonal communication in a family actually leads to an increase in love and trust, because through interpersonal communication we feel like we truly know everyone in our family because it allows us to be open with each other. 


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