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EME 2040 Broward College 12th Grade English BEST Standards Presentation

Select a topic from the Florida Standards (CPALMS), the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards , or any National Standards in a subject area (e.g. National Standards for science education, mathematics education, social studies education, etc.). Use the topic as the basis for your instructional video. Create an original three-minute instructional video that includes the following:

  • Text at the beginning that provides the title of the video, your name, the standards covered and an overview of the video, along with audio.
  • Appropriate titles, and content with audio when necessary.
  • Titles, text and audio before every transitional segment of the video, explaining what viewers are going to be seeing. You can type these titles and videotape them at the appropriate time – you do not have to do any video editing for this project.
  • Two video and audio questions and answers related to the content of the video.
  • Text and audio at the end providing an overview of what viewers saw, and relating it to the content from the standards.
  • An acknowledgements segment.

Please follow all copyright laws and get all necessary releases and permissions, including releases from talents.


Opening – Title of the video, your name, the topic covered, and short (140 characters or less) summary of the video Introduction- Catchy and clever introduction. Provides relevant information and establishes a clear purpose engaging the listener immediately. Connects prior knowledge Lesson Content- Creativity and original content enhance the purpose of the video in an innovative way. Accurate information and succinct concepts are presented Keeps focus on the topic. Your Knowledge-Two questions and answers are provided- they are related to content and age appropriate Summary- Conclusion clearly summarizes key information Overall Delivery- Well rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style. Highly effective enunciation, expression, and rhythm keep the audience listening. Graphics, artwork, and music enhance the mood, quality, understanding and reinforce content presented in the presentation. Video length keeps the audience interested and engaged


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