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EMM 412 Northern Caribbean University Communicating with the Public Outline

Public Information Announcement 

Providing emergency public and status information is a critical component of emergency management readiness. Understanding how to use media resources available to incident commanders, emergency management staff, and planners include more than simply turning it over to a Public Information Officer. Additionally, making a clear and concise announcement to the media assists and protects victims, first responders, and the overall community to quickly resolve the incident.

Scenario: A Monsoon storm has hit the greater Phoenix, Arizona area with hurricane force equivalent winds and is now bringing flash flooding to a large golf course and area homes. Additionally, significant damage to roadways and telephone lines are taking place with power expected to go out soon.

As a local emergency manager impacted by the storm you must keep public officials as well as the public informed of developing events. You will do this by completing the three assignment parts below:

Part I: Communicating with the Public Outline

In Part III of this assignment, you will create a video and social media strategy to inform the public about the developments of the storm. Prepare for this video by writing a brief outline of a message to the public describing the incident and providing them information that would be beneficial for them to know. Note: this is not a script, simply gather the facts and outline the information that would be used to develop a script. Your outline should be detailed, communicate the dangers at hand, and the immediacy of the situation. Use your creativity in determining specific details about timeframes, statuses, etc. Your outline should be 200-300 words. Use points such as those listed below to help you identify the type of information you will need to communicate:

How much time left to fix the remaining power lines

clearing impacted roadways and expected time to reopen, expected time to restore power restoration information.

Status of water pumping stations and drain clearing efforts

How to keep the public informed

Instruct the public how to watch or listen for further instructions, telling them they can return home/work. 

  • Electrical safety awareness announcement along with a flooding safety statement
  • Part II: Public Official Status Update
  • Review the FEMA Incident Summary Situation Report (located in the Topic materials) to help you determine what you would need to communicate to the public officials concerning all the affected areas utilizing a situational report. The Incident Summary Situation Report should not be completed, it should simply be used to help you determine the critical aspects to focus on in your public official status update.
  • In 200-300 words, write a brief public official status update memo that details the critical information they need to make informed decisions in their jurisdictions.

Part III: Social Media Public Information Video

Use the outline you completed in Part I of the assignment to assist you in creating a 2-3-minute YouTube video. In your video, assume the role of the Emergency Manager addressing the public. Relay the information you described in your Part II outline as an Emergency Manager would relay the information to the public in a video. Your video should be professional. You should write a script to assist you in producing the most professional quality video possible.

In addition to your video, write a 200-300-word explanation of how you will use social media and your video to reach the most people in the quickest time frame.


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