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ENC 3246 Government Investment Data Visualization Paper

the first paper:

answer the following Before you begin to revise for submission of the Information Design final draft, it’s good to think through what specific issues need to be addressed in your draft and consider all the topics discussed in the Feedback File. To help you strategically plan your revision, consider and respond to the following:

  1. Identify an issue in the CFF that applies to your draft. How will you revise your draft to address this issue?
  2. Do your visualizations represent data that is key to making your point?
  3. Are each of your visuals effective–consider accuracy, type, design and color use?
  4. Are the visuals effectively integrated into the document–consider labeling and placement in the document?
  5. Are the visuals sufficiently analyzed and described within the document? This is important to ensure that the visuals are fully integrated into the document and contributing to the point you are making.
  6. Is the document designed for readability and the specific needs of the target audience–consider use of headers, bullets, font size and type, and color use?
  7. Is the purpose of the document clearly stated and consistently made throughout the document?
  8. Is the content and tone of your report tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience?

A short 250- to 500-word note that explains the following (use headings to identify each of the topics listed below):

  • How and why you selected your data set
  • How you selected which data to visualize and why you visualized it in the form you did
  • What decisions you made to tailor your report to your audience and your purpose
  • How you ensured that your visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear

Assignment 3 :

Please submit the FINAL draft of your Information Design visual report (1-2 pages with 3 graphs).

Document 1: Visual, Informational Report

A one to two-page, informative, visually interesting report that makes a point about your subject using the data in your data set. This report should incorporate at least three visuals that you have created along with a discussion/analysis of the data in your figures. The text in your report should

  • introduce the topic and its importance
  • explain the meaning of the visuals
  • point to the conclusions suggested by the data.


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