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ENC 3365 Revision Planning Exercise

Here’s your CFF for the Document Series:

The CFF is based on my review of all your drafts. The issues listed in the CFF represent important concerns that are tied to the goals of the project.

Review the CFF and identify where and how the issues apply to your own drafts. This work allows you to think through connections between feedback and your own revision process. Doing this work will help you align your writing to the objectives of an assignment. Being able to look at the objectives of a project and identify those objectives in your own work is a skill you can use for any project you are asked to do, in school or in the workplace.

Once you have identified CFF issues in your draft, use the Revision Planning questions to help you come up with a plan for the changes you will make as you revise.

If you have questions about the CFF or your drafts, let me know.

To submit your final drafts of the Document Series correspondence, make a single document (Word doc or PDF) with all three correspondence.

M1.2 Exercise: Revision Planning

Before you begin to revise for submission of the Document Series final draft, it’s good to think through what specific issues need to be addressed in your draft and consider all the topics discussed in the Feedback File (CFF). To help you strategically plan your revision, consider each draft individually, and respond to the following:

  1. Identify an issue in the Feedback File (CFF) that applies to your draft. How will you revise your draft to address this issue?
  2. Is the purpose of each draft clear in the content of the document?
  3. Is the content and tone of each draft tailored to the specific needs of the target audience?
  4. Describe why you chose the genre (letter, email, memo) you did for each correspondence. Given what you have learned since making that decision, do you still believe the genre you chose to be the right one for the job?
  5. Double-check your format for each genre and document. Do you need to make revisions to format?
  6. Look at the writing style you use in each document. Are your documents appropriate in tone? If you were the target audience, would you be satisfied with the document? What could you change to give the document a more effective tone?
  7. Again, look at writing style in each document. What changes need to be made to make the document more concise? Do your paragraphs have clear topic sentences? Does each paragraph have one subject?


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