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ENG 102 Joliet Junior College Research Papers Reviews

Read the author’s paper, ignoring all grammar, spelling, and technology issues, and respond to the following questions/prompts. Focus strictly on content. Be constructively critical – not mean or judgmental. You should not agree or disagree with ideas, arguments, and opinions; instead, assess whether or not they are expressed and explained sufficiently for understanding. Also look specifically at the evidence used to support the argument. To receive credit, you must make specific suggestions for improvement! The goal is to help this writer and yourself! SAVE the file to your drive – without renaming it!

1. What was one thing author does particularly well in this paper?

2. Have specific requirements for the paper been met? Explain.

3. Look closely at the thesis for the paper. Does it present an arguable position on the meaning of Brave New World and connect that meaning to a contemporary concern (drawing a comparison between a fictional and real culture)? Does it fully express the focus for the paper, including its limits? Make a suggestion for improvement.

4. Does the author examine the primary source (BNW) in explaining his or her argument? Is sufficient textual evidence (quotes) provided for a clear understanding of the argument? Point out one idea needing textual evidence to support it.

5. Assess the use of scholarly sources. Are they properly used and documented? Do they support the author’s ideas and reasoning for the ideas being expressed? Point out one specific source and explain why it needs clarity.

6. Assess any further sources employed by the author. Are they properly used and documented? Do they help to add perspective, authority, and/or context to the author’s argument? Point out one specific source and explain why it needs clarity.

7. Are relevant conclusions drawn based on the thesis, reasons, and evidence provided? Do you understand the cultural comparison? Are any ideas left unexplained or unclear? Explain.

8. Is there anything you’d suggest be added or subtracted from this paper?

9. What did you learn about revising your own paper through this process? Explain at least one improvement you’d like to make to your paper.


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