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ENG 111 FTCC Roles Played by Physical Therapist Assistants Discussion

Assignment Introduction

This assignment is a brainstorming and planning assignment for your upcoming public piece, which is due later in this module.

For the Public Piece in the next assignment, you will restructure your argument in order to reach a new audience by composing a public piece, an argument presented in a medium appropriate for the public domain. Therefore, your audience for this will be the general public and not the academic community.

For this assignment, you have the following options to reach the public:

  1. An editorial cartoon that would be published in a newspaper
  2. A public service announcement in the form of a video/commercial (1-2 minutes)
  3. A poem or song that reflects thoughts and emotions relevant to your stance

Your public piece should:

  1. Establish a clear audience and purpose.
  2. Stand as an authentic, engaging, and polished piece that the public could consume.
  3. Communicate an argument effectively with no gaps in logic or credibility.

Note: You will NOT create this piece in this discussion board. The assignment for this week is to engage in a discussion with peers as you plan and brainstorm your ideas. Your public piece will be due later in the module.

Discussion Board Assignment Guidelines

Please answer the following prompts on the Discussion Board in short paragraphs:

  1. In a few sentences, what was your argument in the Research Paper?
  2. Outside of the academic community, who would benefit from hearing this argument? Why?
  3. With that audience, how might your argument change? What would your goal be with that audience?
  4. Describe your audience. Discuss their potential biases and opposition to your argument. How do you overcome this?
  5. What do you expect your audience to DO based on your argument? What is the PURPOSE of this communication with the audience?
  6. What’s the best way — your genre — to reach this audience? (Choices: an editorial cartoon, a video or commercial, or a song/poem.)
  7. Once you select the genre, discuss HOW to create that piece in order to reach the intended audience and purpose.

Response Requirement:

You must respond to two students within 24 hours of the due date. Please engage constructively with them as you point out the strengths of their posts as well as areas they could improve or continue thinking.


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