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ENG 124 CC We Have No Right to Happiness by CS Lewis Essay

Purpose: All students will have an opportunity to take an open book and use their journals, texts, and the essay by C.S. Lewis, ” We Have No Right To Happiness,” as they ponder what they have learned and will take away from this course. This essay is a reflective essay, so students may use the first person “I” in the course of writing this online

Task: Students will compose an MLA essay with an introduction with a Rogerian thesis at the end of it, multiple body paragraphs, and a solid concluding paragraph, using a nice closing transition to wrap up their thoughts.

A. Use a hook to open the first paragraph– follow this with context, and drop your Rogerian thesis in at the end of paragraph one.

B. Use examples from the various texts to support your claims and arguments as you work your way through this reflective essay.

C. Use your journal entries, your anthologies, C.S. Lewis’s article, and Dr. Nicholi’s book, The Question of God, to help you complete your open book, in-class written essay

E. This reflective essay gives you an opportunity to put everything together that you have learned this semester, so give it your best shot.

F. Use all MLA protocols like paragraphs, indenting paragraphs, and checking your writing when you are finished.

G. Cite in-text ALL borrowed information, whether it is paraphrased, summarized or quoted. Use a signal phrase like this to introduce your information: Michael Pollan argues that one should shop the perimeters of a store in order to purchase the healthiest foods (10 – 19). Notice, I used a summary of multiple pages from his essay, but I cited him and the pages I summarized from his longer article.

H. No Works Cited is required as long as you cite your sources in -text. However, if you wish to include a Works Cited, that is fine too.

Criteria for Success:

I. Follow all MLA protocols.

J. Do not use we, us, you, and our in this essay.

K. Use topic sentences for each new paragraph.

L. Use in-text citations to show where you have borrowed material from in the various texts.

M. Use multiple paragraphs including an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and the closing paragraph to wrap up your reflective essay.

O. Proof your writing before you press the submit button. I do not wish to read essays that are not your best timed-writing efforts.


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