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ENG 124 Cuyamaca College We Have No Right to Happiness Clive Lewis Journal

Academic Journal Protocol for English 124: Rhetorical Analysis : C.S. Lewis ” We Have No Right to Happiness” Print 3.3 ( the article by C.S. Lewis) and watch the Canvas Studio explanation of Lewis’s rhetorical moves on 3.4 before you complete this analysis.

For each essay or piece that you read, you need to type ONE to TWO pages of analysis or more. Use Times New Roman, font size 12” in order to meet these specifications. Use doc, docx, or pdf to upload your files.

Follow MLA protocol and include your name, my name, English 124, and the date you have uploaded your journal work to Canvas. The date will look like this: 27 June 2021. Be sure that all MLA address material is placed on the left hand side of your document. Include your last name and the page number on the right hand side of your document. Go to (Links to an external site.) to see sample student papers and MLA addresses from the MLA.

Also, you should cite the title of the essay, and the author’s first and last name as the title of this journal entry. For instance, you might center this on top of your analysis: Michael Pollan, “Eat Food: Food Defined.” Whoever the authors are that you choose or are assigned to analyze each week, please be very clear on naming them and citing the title of their essays.

All students will analyze the assigned essays using rhetorical analysis and rhetorical strategies in order to enrich your writing practices and to see what professional writers do in their own writing in order to win you over to their positions.

In your four paragraphs or more of analysis, use this template to help you analyze each of our remaining essays/ books:

  1. Who is the intended audience for this essay or piece? What evidence is provided in the essay or piece to suggest that your inference is true? Analyze and find the presupposition/ assumption of the author or authors of this piece. Write it out and discuss its meaning/ significance.
  2. Recognize and analyze any logical fallacies and/ or problems in logic in this piece. What claims does each author make? How do they defend them or not defend them? Construct what the explicit thesis or implicit thesis is which drives this essay or piece forward. Why is it significant? How does the author build his or her argument? Is the evidence convincing? If it is not, why is that so? What is the counterargument? Show examples from the text of what this might be.
  3. Without citing ethos, pathos, or logos, what other rhetorical strategies are used to move this essay forward? Use the rhetorical analysis document as located in Canvas to assist you in your analysis. Find two or three rhetorical strategies that the author or authors use in this essay or piece to move the argument forward. Write what these strategies are and comment on their contributions to this essay/ piece. (Use the Rhetorical Analysis Document to help you identify various Rhetorical Strategies writers use to promote their arguments).
  4. Write your personal response to this essay or piece. Is the essay successful? Does it move you? Would you recommend this piece to a friend? What are your thoughts on this piece?


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