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ENG 1302 CCC Writing About Too Broad Can Be Confusing and Time Consuming Responses

1) The barriers I faced in writing is finding a topic I could write on. I over came this barrier by writing on a topic I am familiar with and that I am actually still learning about. With my topic being about diabetes and the fact that I am still getting through my first year of being diagnosed with this i am still learning about the different ways I need to take care of myself and the many different affect that it can still have on my body. I am happy with my topic I chose. The next I write a research paper I proof read my paper and let someone else different reread. I think I should let more and just me and sister proofread my paper. The people that read my paper I will be able able to get more feed back so I can know what how I can do better.

2) What barriers did you face regarding writing your research paper?

There were a few hurdles I experienced with my research paper. I think my topic was still too broad. There is so much information on the investment fundamentals for the novice investor.

How did you overcome these barriers? Are you happy with the topic you choose?

I was very selected with information; I wrote about the most important concepts. Overall, I am happy with the topic I chose because it is still very informative.

What was one interesting thing you learned during your research?

One exciting thing I learned during my research would be the 50/30/20 rule. I know Forbes magazine writes about saving/investing 20% of your income, but Senator Elizabeth Warren developed a theory.

What will you do differently the next time you have to write a research paper?

Next time I will be more prepared; my rough draft was not on track, but I think my final turned out the way I wanted.


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