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ENG 2206 Troy University Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Annotation

Here is a copy of a live-stream talk from Sullivan Museum (Norwich University in Vermont) on Star Wars & Historical Influences (Links to an external site.). It covers many mystical ideas, and fits into many different categories. Enjoy the video. If you cite it, please use the link below to reference how to cite video interview material. It should not serve as the only source. Remember, I’ll be looking for a choice scene selection (just like a choice quote or set of words from the regular, standard literature format), along with a peel-away of that particular scene. You may even choose to talk about your academic-level observations of a particular trope in Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope (Lucasfilm, 1977).

Please keep Annotation 6 as narrow as possible. Do not jump from plot-point to plot-point, telling me about “what happens”. I do not seek your opinion about the plot and characters; I seek your close-viewing (close-reading) annotation on the use of certain aspects with in the film: i.e.  editing, sound, effects, score social &  religious/spiritual angles, actor-types, tropes, etc.  Don’t cover all of this, just try to select something–even if it is not on the list. This is not an exhaustive list. Also, please don’t “introduce” the film to me. Too many of you have “introduced” your annotations to me, though I’ve asked you, repeatedly, to simply GET INTO IT.  I KNOW WHO THE AUTHOR OF THE PIECE IS (I know who George Lucas is, and when Star Wars came out). Please, I don’t want to read 59 introductions to a film I already know. This is the same for any reader. They don’t want to read the introduction to a piece you should ASSUME they already know. Grab the reader’s interest by going directly into your analysis. 

You may include images, but they must be scaled-down to fit the paper, and you need to cite the images appropriately. Don’t just use images that are not your own. Don’t use “Wikipedia”, either. I am likely to count down a lot of papers if I see Wikipedia references. Please provide as much of your own work as possible. I’ll provide a link to my talk below this message. I only did it about two week prior to this announcement. So, it’s still fresh, and you may cite material, either from the Curator (Cates, 2021), or myself (Sewell, 2021). You would then need to use a bibliography listing of the broadcast. Here is a link below on how to do that: 


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