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ENGL 101 Cuyamaca College Quasim Technique to Learn English Paper

Moral Dilemma Vignettes

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore solutions for dilemmas that families in your care might be experiencing. This assignment will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own feelings and beliefs.


  1. Using the family, you chose in Module 7, you will read the dilemma with their name on it and answer the corresponding questions.


Three-year-old Anthony and his family are behind on rent. They are facing possible homelessness and worrying they will run out of food. Many of these challenges can be linked to the difficulty Anthony’s mother is having in finding steady employment. A consequence of these stressors may be seen in how Anthony’s behavior has changed at his childcare. He has become more socially withdrawn and has begun hitting and punching other children and having tantrums. His current childcare has disenrolled Anthony due to his behavior.

Anthony Dilemma

Anthony has been disenrolled from his school due to his behaviors, and his mom is working temp jobs throughout the week at varying times. She enrolled Anthony in your childcare center. One day when mom came to pick him up, she shared that she was going to start a new job, but it was working nights. She said that she has not been able to find childcare for the evenings and cannot afford to pay for childcare during the day and at night, so she has to leave Anthony with his siblings while she works. Anthony’s siblings are 10 and 5.

  1. What is your initial reaction to this dilemma?
  2. As Anthony’s teacher, what would you do?
  3. What might be some things you need to consider in this situation?
  4. What type of support might you provide to Anthony’s mom? Use your textbook to cite any supports you might provide.


Qasim arrived recently with his mother, father, and older sister, Daba, from Syria. Qasim is three years old.

At home Qasim’s family speaks Arabic, but both parents are eager to learn English. Through an interpreter, Qasim’s parents report that he has an extensive vocabulary and seems to be adding new words and using longer sentences, in Arabic, each day. The journey to San Diego was a perilous one. His family has shared that Qasim sometimes has bad dreams about their journey that wake him up and require stroking, rocking, and soothing words to get him back to sleep. His family calls him a “little professor” based on the fact that he is extremely curious, quite perceptive, and very interested in how things work. To support his English development and help him begin to feel at home, his family is sending him to a nearby early childhood program each day. His teacher reports that he often seems withdrawn and quiet, but is also watching the other children to see and follow what they’re doing. She acknowledges that she doesn’t know any Arabic and is struggling with how best to support Qasim and collaborate with his family.

Qasim Dilemma

Since starting preschool, Qasim is not interacting with other children. His teacher does not speak Arabic, but the assistant that was recently hired does. The lead teacher has become dependent on her assistant to help her support Qasim. Since the assistant teacher started, the lead teacher has seen progress in Qasim’s willingness to socialize with others. One day after school, Wasim’s parents approach the lead teacher and tell her that they are concerned that the assistant teacher is speaking Arabic to Qasim throughout the day. They let the lead teacher know that they did not want the assistant teacher speaking to Qasim in Arabic because they felt it was more important for him to learn English.

  1. What is your initial reaction to this dilemma?
  2. As Qasim’s teacher, what would you do?
  3. What might be some things you need to consider in this situation?
  4. What type of support might you provide to Qasim’s family? Use your textbook to cite any supports you might provide to Qasim’s family.


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