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ENGL 101 Goodwin University W3 The Effectiveness of Death Penalty Essay

  • Week 1 Assignment: Artifact Analysis

    On the discussion board, you’ve addressed a range of general questions about your topic. For this essay assignment, please identify a specific physical “chunk of the world” that represents your topic. It can be a picture you’ve taken yourself, a picture you find from the Internet, a drawing you’ve done, a quotation or a line from a song, an abstract image, or anything else that you can insert into a Word document. Post the image, clip, quotation, or whatever your “chunk” is at the top of your document, and then write a 300-word essay about your artifact.In accordance with the “5 tips for effective writing,” arrange your essay so that includes an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. Outline your essay as follows:

    1. Intro: Provide a detailed description of the artifact, and connect it to the topic that you have chosen to write about for the class.
    2. Body paragraph: Explain why you’ve chosen this artifact to illustrate the topic you’ve chosen to write about for this class
    3. Conclusion: Speculate on what else there is to learn about your topic and why your topic is important.

    Special tips!

    • Begin your introduction with a sentence that “shows” the artifact using descriptive language.
    • Begin your body paragraph with a topic sentence that connects the artifact to your theme.
    • End your conclusion with a sentence that brings us back to the artifact.

Week 3 Assignment: Persuasive Essay

Complete the following passage:

____ has been a hotly-debated topic in the field of ______. Some people have argued that _____, but I say, _______.

Write a three-paragraph essay explaining why you feel the way you do about this topic. Make conspicuous use of pathos, logos, and ethos.

Helpful tips:

  • Identify a specific author or article that exemplifies the point of view you want to argue against. Pick your fight with an individual author, rather than with a general point of view. Consider replacing the phrase “Some people have argued that” with the name of a particular author who has articulated the position you intend to refute.
  • Your introductory paragraph should describe the opposing sides of the debate and conclude with a thesis statement that clearly expresses your own point of view.
  • Your body paragraph should highlight the strategy of logos, presenting specific rational arguments in support of your thesis statement.
  • Your conclusion should focus on the element of pathos, using emotional language to evoke the importance of the debate and to enlist your readers’ sympathy and support.
  • Your entire essay should be written with a professionalism and authoritativeness that convey a sense of your own credibility as a writer.
  • Use APA style to cite every source you include in your discussion, using both an in-text citation (author, year) and an entry on your references page for each source.

To be very clear, week 1 and week 3 are two different assignments so please complete them separately thank you. If you have any confusion please let me know thank you. The ‘Halloween’ and ‘incarceration’ example essays should be followed for the week 1 assignment and the ‘plastic survey’ essay should be followed for the week 3 assignment. Thank you. Each should follow APA style format.


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