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ENGL 101 Poems and Feelings Essay

For Thursday’s final essay, you will be turning in a 4-5-page comparative reading that engages TWO of the
five poems we covered last week. What is due first is a detailed outline, as described in the PDF handout in
the May 25 module. In addition to reviewing the non-literary materials from last week, please make sure to
use your previous writing assignments to get your thinking going.
Your essay will be focused on one of the following topics. Choose ONE of these prompts:
1. Consider Audre Lorde’s engagement with various social marginalizations. How do two of Lorde’s
poems engage with the concept of intersectionality?
2. Consider the ways parenting comes up in “Black Mother Woman,” “Those Winter Sundays,” and
“forgiving my father.” How do two of these poems make us think about parenthood in
counterintuitive ways?
3. Consider how positive, socially-centered feelings such as love and empathy come up in “Coal”
and “Those Winter Sundays.” How do these poems conceptualize positive feelings in
counterintuitive ways?
Please review “Short Writing Assignment 3: Thesis and Outline” on Blackboard (May 25 module). The goals
of the outline are to have 1) your textual evidence in place, 2) your close readings assembled, and 3) a
tentative thesis formulated.
Your feedback for this round will focus on these three elements. The final essay should feel much easier to
put together if you do a thorough job with this outline.
1. Parameters:
Required format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, page numbers, with an
original title
Required length of outline: 450 words (Final comparative essay: 4-5 pages)
2. Components of your outline:
As described in today’s PDF file, this outline for your final comparative essay must include at least three
passages from the two poems you select.
Make sure to review the non-literary materials from last week, including the PowerPoint that describes that a
comparative essay is NOT simply “a list of similarities or differences between two texts.”


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