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ENGL 101 Should Writers Use Their Own English Essay

Due Date: May 11 by 11:59pm

Length: 3.5+ pages. Double-spaced. Times new roman font. Size 12. MLA format.



  • “Reflection-in-Presentation” — Kathleen Blake Yancey (Week 12 heading)

Semester Texts:

  • “Rhetorical Situation, an Introduction” — Itai Halevi (Week 2 heading)
  • “Coming to Terms” from Rewriting — Joseph Harris (Week 2 heading)
  • “Should Writers Use They Own English?” — Vershawn Young (Week 3 heading)
  • “Navigating Genres” — Kerry Dirk (Week 6 heading)
  • “How to Read Like a Writer” — Mike Bunn (Week 7 heading)
  • “Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse” — Teresa Thonney (Week 8 heading)

The Task

As we approach the end of the semester, your next task is to reflect on the work you have done for this class. To do so, in this reflection you will reference both the texts you have read and the writings you have completed. Since this is an audience-facing reflection, you must direct your thinking to a target audience. Who is your audience going to be? Do you, for example, want to make an argument to future 101 students about the most important things they’ll learn when they take this course? Do you want to share your knowledge with a more generalized, anonymous audience like the explanatory essays you’ve read this semester (e.g., Halevi, Thonney, Dirk)? Do you want to evaluate the usefulness of some writing knowledge over others in order to persuade your instructor to prioritize certain content over other content in future course designs?


(At the very top your paper, write who your target audience is.)


However you frame your reflection-in-presentation, as Yancey calls it, be sure to make reference to specific texts (via direct quotation or paraphrase) so that your voice is in conversation with the writers you’re working with, reflecting upon, and responding to. This also means that you can quote your own writing as well. And, above all, write honestly. Don’t shy away from discussing things that seem questionable, problematic, confusing or that remain unresolved for you as you reflect on your growth and development as a writer.


You must directly reference at least two essays (listed above) that we have read for the class as well two pieces of writing that you have completed for this class. Please include a works cited page (does not apply towards page count).


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