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ENGL 120 Cuyamaca College Productive Education Models Research Questions

  • Narrow the focus of your research paper to a single social issue and argument about it. (Remember that simply writing about health care isn’t viable because we can write books and books about that topic. We want to narrow it down to something we can argue about in this paper, so what do we want to say about the topic/what small part of the topic do we want to focus on).
  • Think about your topic, problem, purpose statement, and research questions that will guide your research process
  • Use bullet points to fill in the following information:
    • Topic:
    • Problem:
    • Purpose Statement:
    • Research Questions: you should have 1-2research questions per section in the paper–remember, you’ll need to examine the root cause/origin, historical moments over time, reasons to support your stance, and solutions
    • Preliminary Thesis Statement: this will include your topic and your stance (opinion) on your social issue. The thesis will likely evolve as you move through the process, but it’s good to have a starting point. 

Here is an example of what I’m looking for:

  • Topic: Anti-Blackness (quite large so I will be narrowing it down in my thesis)
  • Problem: Anti-blackness sentiments have largely evident in the American education system and have permeated African-Americans’ educational experiences.
  • Purpose Statement: The purpose of the paper is to uncover the historical roots of systemic racism in education in order to present readers with the root cause of anti-blackness in schools in order to uncover solutions to move toward racial equity in education.
  • Research Questions:
    • When did anti-blackness originate? (this addresses the origin/root cause section)
    • What led to anti-blackness as we know it today? (this addresses the historical moments over time section)
    • What are the consequences of anti-blackness? (this addresses the argument section)
    • What are possible solutions that will move this country toward racial equity? (this addresses the solution section)
  • Preliminary Thesis Statement: Anti-blackness and white supremacy have created racial disparities our educational systems, which has negatively impacted African Americans’ experiences and resulted in resounding trauma. We must examine history in order to being repairing these inequities..

I want to write about:

  1. Productive education models-(thesis) the education system relies on the potential of various models of education and learning alongside the tutors’ expertise.
  • Does teaching depend, or is it interconnected with these education models?
  • What read to the establishment of the education models?
  • What are the top-rated models of education?
  • What are education models?
  • How does the use of these models differ on various occasions?
  • What can be done to improve the models?
  • What are the pros and cons of the latest models?
  • Can new models of education be established?
  • Which models can be used in teaching students of which age?
  • Has technology played a part in reshaping these models?
  • Should the students, teachers and parents be educated on various models of learning?


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