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ENGL 121 Robert Morris University Seeing the Camouflaged Discussion & Response

Well, look under “Content–>Readings and find the document entitled “Camouflaged Observation Activity.” Do the activity and respond to the exercise prompt written on the bottom of that reading here. If necessary, you can try this one inside too-if you’re in a big enough area. But it works best outside and during daylight.

and after you reading and writing Please make a comment for this ( so this is gonna be a short one, but I live in Stephenson hall on campus and I tried this whilst walking back and fourth to the football field. My first time walking was like every other time walking to the football field. But the second or third time I guess you could say was a bit weird because usually you just walk to your destination and boom, you’re there. Most of the time, I never really look at the Eberly building across from mine or anything like that. But this time, I Noticed the trees and leaves changing colors and little cracks in the ground that most wouldn’t see. As I continued to walk to the field, I also saw for the first time a nice little chill area outside the building. It’s kind of crazy how we don’t. notice these things when we have other intentions and what not on our minds and in our thoughts. After this assignment, I will very much so do the “see the camouflage” now. ) 

or the second essay just make a Replies for example


(I stopped home on Sunday and did this activity in the woods behind my house in the day time. I spent a lot of time playing with my friends in these woods as a kid. I walked through the first time normally, and just pushed my way through the trees and jaggers, and followed the old trail we used to walk on. I saw the normal trees, leaves, mud, the pond we skipped rocks on, and litter that people left behind. I walked back out to my yard, then walked back in the woods to “see the camouflage”. The first time I walked through I noticed just general “nature” and the weeds and trees and the uneven path. But, the second time I really took it all in and looked up and down and all around. I saw so much more, and felt more this time around. I saw a couple different types of birds that I never noticed before. I saw old bones from a dead animal decomposed. Instead of seeing just litter, or garbage, I saw that this garbage was in a teepee type form, like as if some other kids were trying to make a bonfire pit and load it up with all the garbage they found. Which is something we did when we were in the woods. I found the meeting spot that my buddies and I would meet at to plot whatever it was we were going to do that day, and it brought back a lot of good memories. As I think about what I feel about this difference, I would have to say that I feel like if you really pay attention and take in all the sights and sounds and smells, you can see so much more. Not just in the woods, but in life. The plain old woods turn into a fortress if you let it. I think that is probably why kids have such vivid imaginations and have so much fun, because they see things with wider eyes. I also realized that I miss playing in those woods. )


(loved this post! when I did the camouflage activity, I also felt like I was present just in life when noticing the little things I usually didn’t notice). 


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