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ENGL 124 Grossmont College Covid 19 and The Impact on Unemployment Essay

I need help on an essay MY TOPIC IS : covid-19 and the impact on unemployment

Argumentative Essay

Your 4th project will ask you to construct a sustained argument or that addresses your issue.


Your purpose is to critically analyze and interpret your social issue and to help your readers to understand it and its implications. This assignment will also give you the experience of how writers must shift the same material as well as their tone, style and use of appeals in order to fit a new rhetorical situation.


We have been working up to this argumentative paper since week 4. Now, you will use the outline you have been building, along with your notes for the environmental scan, root, cause, history, arguments, and counterargument, to construct a 10-12-page argumentative essay . This is your chance to finally give your explicit argument about your social issue!

The goal is to put everything together that you’ve been working on this semester into one coherent, sustained argumentative essay. Therefore, you CAN REUSE MATERIAL FROM YOUR PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS & DISCUSSIONS (Environmental Scan and Root Cause/History).


  • Clear thesis about your stance on your social issue
  • AT LEAST EIGHT (8) relevant, scholarly sources to support your reasoning (can reuse sources from profile and fact sheet and/or find new sources)
  • Comprehensive analysis and exploration of the chosen issue
  • Written for a clearly defined audience
  • Clear organization of cohesive paragraphs
  • Correctness in grammar and mechanics
  • Works cited page (does not count toward page count)
  • MLA format


  • Learning Outcomes:

    Upon completing this course successfully, the Student Learning Outcomes state that you should be able to:

    1. Utilize the writing process, including pre-writing, writing, revision and proofreading to produce complex, high-quality work.
    2. Evaluate the validity and soundness of arguments and the evidence within them.
    3. Synthesize the ideas of two or more writers to create a broader understanding of an issue or topic.
    4. Utilize critical reading strategies so as to successfully pull meaning from complex texts and texts structured in non-academic formats.
    5. Identity Formation: students will examine their personal identities as well as those who differ from them in order to situate themselves in scholarly conversations and leverage their cultural, historical, and ancestral capital as well as lived experiences
    6. Skills: Students will develop writing, research, synthesis, critical thinking, rhetorical analysis, technology, and presentation skills
    7. Intellect: Students will gain new knowledge outside of the English discipline by examining the history and interdisciplinary applications of their social issues
    8. Criticality: Students will engage in the projects this term in order to challenge systems of oppression and create social change


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