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ENGL 124 Platos Allegory of The Cave in Modern Society Discussion

Hi, I have already finished the essay and just need the conclusion fixed based on my professor’s feedback :). I have attached my essay that needs the revision. I also included the instructions for the essay so that you know what the assignment was all about. I also have attached a copy of Plato’s cave thank you so much :)!

Professor’s feedback: “The conclusion does not focus on the topic as much. The final connection to plato and the rescue from the cave was missing in the conclusion.”


Essay 1: Escaping Plato’s Cave

In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we are introduced to a form of humanity shackled in chains, in a form of perceptual bondage.

And in our daily lives we also experience a limiting of our social perspective regarding Covid-19.

What would a rescue from Plato’s cave look like today in a world where people are constantly battling the influence of misinformation while trying to stay safe?

Are there any contemporary figures in reality that have shown us any significant truths, in the current age, liberating humanity from their incorrect thinking?

Be sure to draw several connections between a modern truth figure(s) and the type of perceptual liberation that Plato writes about in his allegory.


  • Explain the perceptual shackles that are put on the prisoners in Plato’s text. Use several quotes to clarify your point. What do you think Plato was referring to at this time before the common era?
  • Find a contemporary figure(s) from your generation or your parents’ generation and explain how they have shed light on a significant truth. How has their telling of truth changed modern perception?
  • Draw several connections between the pursuit of truth in Plato’s text and the actions of your chosen contemporary figure(s). Use quotes from Plato and contextual research to support your argument.

MLA format

2 outside sources

English eassy 3 pages required. Including at least 2 or more quotes from the Story. First explain about the Cave that is mentioned in the story. Start with explaining the cave at end of first paragraph is the thesis. Then do your thesis which is: My Thesis Statement is: advertise products. Requied MLA formate.

● Using Famous people ● Using adds ● Using social-media

(These modern examples show us that we are still trapped in platos cave).


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