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ENGL 202 Western Carolina University Multi Genre Project Proposal

ENGL 202

Assignment Sheet Unit 3: Multi-genre Project Proposal

This paper will draw on the readings and research you’ve done both in and outside of class as well asclass discussions and shorter writings from this unit. I am looking for evidence that you have been able to synthesize and think critically about the concepts and ideas contained in this unit. Remember to keep a clear sense of your genre and purpose in mind when thinking about this assignment.

The Task:
For this assignment you are faced with several tasks. 1) Develop a “plan of action” for completing your Multi-genre Project. 2) Provide a detailed rationale for the genres you want to use in this project and a discussion of how these genres will be used with your existing narrative. 3) Provide a detailed rhetorical situation analysis for this project; 4) Provide a clear discussion of your narrative structure and the integration of your scholarly and other text-based sources in the text of the narrative.

Guiding Questions:

These are questions to get you thinking. You do not have to answer these specifically in your paper although a good paper will most likely touch on some of these.

  • Who is my intended audience for this project (aside from my instructor)?
  • How can I best identify with my audience?
  • What genres will be most useful/effective for telling my story?
  • How will I effectively integrate my research into this project?o DoIhaveallthesourcesI’llneedtobesttellthisstory?
  • What kind of Narrative structure will I use to tell this story?
  • What genres am I capable/proficient/confident in using for this project?
  • What are the affordances and limitations of the delivery mode?
  • What is my desired outcome for telling this story?Audience:Our reader always influences how we write. Therefore, it is important to know who our reader is. For this paper you are writing to your instructor. I am invested in your success in this course and I want to ensure that you are conducting useful research for the final paper and that you have some conception of how your research works together.Important Due Dates:
  • Unit 3 Assigned 3/10
  • Rough Draft due 4/12
  • Final Draft due 4/14Technical Notes:Length: Roughly 1500 words
    Font size: 11-12 pt
    Margins: 1 inch (all sides)
    Style Requirement: MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian or preferred style


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